The Challenge

Creating a website which provides a fantastic end user experience and clearly explain 98Barbers services.

The Process

Working closely with 98Barbers to ensure the website was fit for purpose and long term use.

  • Creating pages to explain the services provided in the shop.

  • Testing and tweaking the website design to be more focused on mobile experience.

  • Ensuring it is built for future growth and development. Including e-commerce capability.


The website is used to promote booking of appointments at one of the busiest barber shops in Scunthorpe. The website is also used to generate new business and link to it from their active social media channels.

The partnership with TGM Creative will continue with any additions or changes to the website being promptly made and reviews to discuss customer experience and improvements.

“Working with TGM creative was hassle free.  The website has made promoting my business across social media much easier and makes booking appoints for my clients simple.”

Bailey Snowden – 98Barbers Owner